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Keywords: Fantasy, Action, Micro Fiction


Woman: Straight, red hair caught up in a high ponytail and without bangs. She has purple eyes. The dress – black, to the knees, thin straps [you can improve it regarding your personal taste] – reveals an elegant body (not necessary a thin nor a [too much] muscled body, but a fit one). She has black, high boots and she does not wear any bijou. There is a tattoo on her right arm, near the shoulder: it’s a draw of a chain pressed so hard in the fresh it bleeds and there is an ID plate in one of the metallic rings [you are unable to read what it says].                       

Creature: It has black (black as coal), pulled back skin as if it did not eat or drink in weeks. Its teeth are sharp and pointed. The tongue is white and also pointed. The eyes are totally white.

Suggestion for the panels’ display: Download



[Focus in the character waist-up] Actors can be seen (partially) on stage and side-by-side; they are bowing to the audience [in the next panel]. The actors are dressed up as in Victorian era (you may draw lords, ladies, servants, butler, coachman and/or beggar). The red curtains are closed behind them. The actors are illuminated by spotlights [that you can not see] and thus lighter than the audience.

               SFX (audience – which you can not see – applauding): CLAP, CLAP, CLAP


The audience can be seen partially applauding with enthusiasm [in the direction of the actors in the previous panel]. There is a mix of people standing and people seated in red chairs. The audience is dressed formally: men with smoking and women with fine dresses and stylish hairstyles. Their faces are grayish and undefined.

               SFX (audience applauding): CLAP, CLAP, CLAP


[Close-up] You can only see the right side of the Woman (her half face, half neck and the right shoulder). She’s looking in the direction of a door with three steps in a white corridor. There are two drops of sweat falling in her forehead. She has her mouth slightly open because she’s panting. The corner of her mouth is wounded and bleeding a little. The look is concentrated, but her face shows a nuance of relief.

               SFX (near the door, audience applauding): CLAP, CLAP, CLAP

               SFX (Woman panting): ARF, ARF


[Focus in the character waist-up] The woman looks ahead with a right posture. You can still see some drops of sweat on her forehead. She is furious. Her eyes are semi-closed, sweat falling down her forehead and her lips are pressed on a thin line. She has a bleeding cut on her right cheek and on her left shoulder. The left string of the dress is cut which nearly reveals her left breast. The dress has splashes of green blood. The entire right arm is seen; she’s holding a katana (the left arm is cut by the suggested limits for this panel).

               SFX (Woman panting): ARF, ARF, ARF


[Focus in the character waist-down] The dress shows two bloody rips in her belly and two other tears at the edge of the dress. Her high, black boots are splashed with green blood. There is a dead body of a Creature covering partially her boots. The Creature is belly-down and headless – you can see the cut bleeding and forming a small puddle underneath it. The head is next to the body (near the pelvis) with its eyes in the direction of the feet. The cut in the neck also bleeds and forms a smaller puddle underneath it. The Creature has the mouth open revealing its sharp teeth. The tongue is fall out and the eyes are half-closed.

               CAPTION (Woman): I nearly failed to protect them…


This script was based on a micro fiction I wrote: Por Detrás das Cortinas Vermelhas [Behind The Red Curtains].

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